Annual Conference on Human Rights 2012, Tallinn

New Challenges of Human Rights

The conference this year, on 9 and 10 December,  will be organised on two days and we wish to have high-level international experts as speakers and debaters. Our goal is also to have the conference develop into an annual forum of international importance, which would be a notable and interesting form of cooperation for the Baltic Sea Region as well as for Europe and the world.

Our conference strives to examine the topics as a whole in the context of the changing world, by placing human rights and security as well as human rights and the Internet at the forefront. Since rights and freedoms can exist only in combination with obligations, we will examine rights, freedoms, and obligations as a whole.

At the same time, human rights issues, which have been topical in previous decades, have not disappeared. However, their treatment through the prism of change is essential in order to ensure the effective protection of human rights in a rapidly changing world.

We would like the most important human rights problems in today’s world to be covered in the presentations and discussions. In addition, we would like to provide forecasts and solutions for the problems in today’s world – in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

The human rights fields have expanded during the last few decades. New topics have developed in connection with the technological developments in the Internet, where the triangle of human rights, security, Internet have powerfully come to the fore, along with their mutual integration and appearance in the public space that surrounds us.

Thus, for example, the globalising world has bound human rights and security into an indivisible whole, where the connection between immigration, the protection of immigrants, rights and obligations, as well as the dissatisfaction that has arisen in the receiving nations, has been brought to the fore.

We plan to the structure the conference as follows:

On 9 December, the first conference day, we want to focus on young people and the topic would be human rights and pop culture.

On 10 December, international Human Rights Day and the main day of the conference, we will organise three academic panel discussions related to the triangle of human rights-security-the Internet.  The venue will be the Tallinn City Theatre, Põrgulava.

The introductory part would contain the presentation of the Estonian Human Rights Report, which is compiled by the Institute of Human Rights. Against this background, we would also deal with the human rights situation in the world as well as Estonia. The venue will be the Swissôtel Tallinn.

The first panel will cover human rights and security in the international context.

The second panel will focus on human rights and Internet freedom, but also the entire set of relations, which the Internetisation of the world has created, including the organisation of revolutions and protests through the Internet. The panel would also cover the freedom of speech and creative freedom.

The third panel will focus on international organizations.

Followed by a formal reception.

Attendance is by invitation only.

The organiser reserves the right to make changes in the programme and the presenters


More information:

Ms. Aet Kukk