On the 14th of June the victims of the Soviet deportations are commemorated all over Estonia. 77 years pass since June deportations took place on the 14th of June. On that day the victims of Soviet deportations in 1941 are commemorated all over Estonia. The installation “The Sea of Tears” on Freedom Square in Tallinn is dedicated to the victims.

The commemoration ceremony will start at 12:00 at Lindamäe in Tallinn.  At the same time, thousands of light blue balloons will fill the Freedom Square as the “Sea of Tears”.

“The Sea of Tears”

The names of 12 000 people who suffered under Soviet repressions are shown on the screens of Freedom Square in Tallinn. 

Soviet deportations in 1941 are considered as a crime against humanity, which was taken into force by the Soviet security forces in the Baltics and Bessarabia to liberate the Soviet Union from „anti-Soviet elements“. Among the repressed were politicians, police and military officers, businessmen and intellectuals, who were all sent to prison camps. As their families were deported with them, the majority of the deportees were women and children.

Over 10 000 Estonian people were deported to Siberia in 1941. The Soviet forces conducted simultaneous deportations from Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova tearing over 85 000 people away from their homes

Let us commemorate all the innocent victims of Soviet terror and brutality and hope that we shall never again witness these kinds of crimes against humanity. 

The organisers of the remembrance day would like to remind everyone that the balloons are not to be unleashed into the sky. Even though the balloons are made of biodegradable material, they still may cause harm to the environment.

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