Human rights in the educational system – networking, teacher trainings and empowerment of youth

The project aims at contributing to systematic positive change in how human rights education is provided in Estonia in both formal and non-formal education sectors through creating a network of Human Rights Friendly Schools, and providing NGOs from the same communities with relevant training  and long-term usable materials.

The project wants to also contribute at enhancing human rights education work between relevant actors in Estonia, by way of initiating an annual human rights education organisations‘ meeting for show-casing various projects and initiatives in the field and establish further partnerships and joint projects.

The project’s expected results are:

In the end of the project, a large-scale event will be organised where various initiatives in human rights education in Estonia will be presented (for example other projects funded through the same funding line).



Project’s duration: 1 April 2013- 30 June 2014

Project’s partners: the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science, Open RepublicHelsinki Comittee Norway

The project is supported by the NGO Fund of EEA Grants, which is operated by Open Estonia Foundation