The Estonian human rights report 2012 has been prepared by the Estonian Institute of Human Rights. The aim of the report is to provide an objective overview of problems and issues related to human rights in Estonia. In order for people to be able to stand for their rights, it is of primary importance that they know their rights. Thus, the central question in the report is: how well do people in Estonia know what human rights are. The report also provides an overview of which human rights are well protected and which human rights are less protected. A quantitative survey and in-depth interviews with experts were used for answering these and several other more detailed questions. A comparison of the survey and the interviews conducted with experts allow us to obtain a general idea of people’s subjective feelings about the human rights situation and the objective problems. The report also contains a summary overview of international organisations’ assessment of the situation of human rights in Estonia. These three components should give a comprehensive, although not an exhaustive overview of the situation of human rights in Estonia. The human rights area is very diverse, multi-layered and elaborate. There are number of topics which could not be addressed in the framework of this report, because they were out of our means or were left out due to insufficient data. There are many individual cases in the human rights area, which should all be studied in detail, but that cannot be done in a generalising report.

1. Estonian Human Rights Report 2012 — Introduction

2. Public Opinion Survey on Human Rights in Estonia 2012

3. Assessments of international organisations on the human rights situation in Estonia

4. Estonian Human Rights Report 2012 — Summary


Press releases:

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