The Annual Conference of Human Rights takes place on the International Human Rights Day, 10th of December in Tallinn, Estonia. The fifth annual Conference on Human Rights will focus on human rights in changing times, and bring together over 350 experts, diplomats, activists and politicians.

Conference organised by the Estonian Institute of Human Rights will discuss human rights on international level. The topics under discussion this year include case studies from the European Court of Human Rights, linguistic human rights, as well as the views of various generations of Russians today regarding their society. We will also focus on the human rights situation in various parts of Ukraine and the growing migrant crisis in Europe. All of these topics have taken on new meaning in the changing security environment and it is more important than ever to understand the implications of these challenges.

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The conference will have five panels:

The speakers who have participated in our conference in the past include Madeleine K. Albright, Vagn Joensen, Cuno Jakob Tarfusser, Richard Barrett, Quirine Eijkman, Mustafa Qadri, Kalev H. Leetaru, Artjom Troitski, Stephen J. Rapp, Gentian Zyberi, Riina Kionka, Dunja Mijatovic, Thomas Zerdick, Malavika Jayaram, David Mothander , Douglas Davidson, Anja Mihr, Christopher McCrudden, Mustafa Džemilev, Marriët Schuurman, Galina Timtšenko, Dalee Sambo Doroug, Maria Makejeva, Lauri Mälksoo, Dmitri Muratov and others.

The patron of the conference is Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the President of Estonia.

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